Discover how easy it is to fall in love with Marsala.

Marsala (Maissala in local dialet) is an Italian town of 82 606 inhabitants. It is the first municipality by population of the free municipal consortium of Trapani, the fifth municipality of Sicily and the sixty-fifth in Italy.

The city is famous for the landing of Garibaldi and the Thousand of 11 May 1860 and for the production of the homonymous Marsala wine, for which, since 1987, it is City of Wine . It rises on the ruins of the ancient Punic cities of Lilibeo ( Lilibeum in Latin), from whose name derives the nickname of lilibetani (in addition to that of marsalesi </ i >) for its inhabitants and Mozia, located within the Regional Nature Reserve of the Stagnone di Marsala Islands.

Cicero there was quaestor between 76 and 75 BC when the city was called Lilibeo, and its famous phrase was dedicated to the city: SPENDIDAS CIVITAS LILIBETANA

In the waters around its sea, in 241 BC, a naval battle was fought in the first Punic war, of which the Punic ship of Marsala is preserved in the Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi. Due to its honesty and skill in its work it was much appreciated. , and as he was also an excellent lawyer he was recalled two years later for the lawsuit against the owner Gaius Verre accused of stealing from citizens and the state. This cause was won by Cicero . A bust of Cicero is exhibited at the Regional Archaeological Museum of Lilibeo Baglio Anselmi, and a street has also been named after him.

Not to be missed:

  • Mercato del Pesce (meglio alla mattina presto)

  • Chiesa Madre

  • Complesso Monumentale S. Pietro

  • Chiesa del Purgatorio

  • Via XII Maggio

  • Convento del Carmine

Marsala: typical dishes:

  • Cous Cous with fishes
  • Cappiddruzzi

  • Pane Cunzato

  • Panino con le Panelle

  • Arancine e Cannoli (N.B. l’Arancina è femmina!)

Mobility by car:

If you move by car it is essential to park outside the city walls: convenient parking lots are located in the area in front of Piazza Vittorio Veneto, or on the waterfront, in the parking lot between the port and the monument to Garibaldi’s thousand




Marsala is a potpourri of styles, smells and tastes, the best way to turn it is without a doubt on foot, perhaps with the help of the 2.0 train that comfortably takes you from one corner of the city to the other.

Marsala, city ​​of history, wine and sea, offers many attractions to its visitors. It is a city of great charm both when viewed from above, arriving by plane, and when it is reached from the sea or the land. The Punic ship, the archaeological park with its precious finds, the historic landing of Garibaldi with its Thousand, the historic center, well-kept and welcoming, with its monuments, churches and museums, they tell the story of a city with an important and prestigious past. Marsala is also a city of wine. Historic establishments and new companies have produced and produce, with passion and skill, excellent white, red and great liqueur wines, such as the noble Marsala wine</ strong >, known throughout the world.


Like every city in the Province, Marsala also has its streets that represent the commercial heart of the city, the so-called struscio citta: shops, typical pastry shops, shops, wine bars and so on.

The most representative streets are undoubtedly: Via Roma, Via Mazzini and Via XI Maggio to be covered during the day for a shopping walk among the shop windows and at night to capture the beauty of the places in silence or nightlife.

What to Do:

  • The cassaro (via XI Maggio) has 2 deconsecrated churches used for exhibitions and events: don’t miss them
  • Stopping for a coffee at the Loggia (via XI Maggio) for a coffee is a must
  • Stop at the Monument to the Thousand as a tribute to the landing of the thousand in Marsala
  • Via XII Maggio

Restaurants and Street Food:

It’s a question with a simple answer: in Marsala we can say that we eat well everywhere, from street food to the most sought after restaurants, you will always have the guarantee of eating typical Marsala cuisine with zero km products of our territory. This is why we invite you to take a tour from the main streets to the alleys of the historic center to find the place most suited to your tastes: the cuisine of Marsala will never disappoint you.

Marsala Map: